Café A

Near the Gare de l’Est, this café is well hidden and even with address I had trouble finding it. But this place is really cool to chill especially sunny Parisian summer! You will see that everyone is sitting outside in the terrace relaxing and happily chatting with its gang. 

(Actually I want to keep this place as a secret…! but anyway not so many followers…;p )

104 Centquatre Paris

(Extract from the Centquatre site)

The CENTQUATRE provides space for residencies, production and performance for artists and audiences from all corners of the globe. The CENTQUATRE encompasses all forms of art: theatre, dance, music, cinema, video and also culinary, digital and urban art. The centre supports and works with young artists and also provides insight into their artistic creations.

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13 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris

Tuck shop" is one of the fine places where you can brunch "pas cher" in Paris!

It is a tiny café, so you’d better go early at around its opening hour, especially if you’re planning to go brunch in the weekend. 

As you can see, it is not French but Australian style and you’ll have the pleasure to see its interior style how cute it is ! :)